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ChiekoKawabe's Red Garden Ova Review

Red Garden

Rated: 8

As much as I enjoyed the original, the OVA can never compare. The story is completely different, which is a bit of a let-down. However, I found it pleasant to see the characters alive even in 300 years. I have fallen in love with the characters so I enjoyed this a lot, too. However, the beginning is just a bit confusing. I was initially unsure of who the characters were or what was going on, and once I did found out what was going on, I started to miss the horror aspect. The OVA is more along the lines of the Solty Rei anime (which I love so much), and not at all what I was expecting.

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ChiekoKawabe's Red Garden Tv Review

Red Garden

Rated: 9

Red Garden has to be one of the best horror anime I have seen in a long time. Move over Higurashi, you were a nasty one but you didn't fill me with the excitement that Red Garden did!

There were lots of nasty, disgusting scenes in here. However, it wasn't too many; very balanced. I found myself looking away sometimes when characters would plunge their hands into other character's stomachs or ribs. The sound of it really made my stomach turn, but in a good way! Just remember not to eat while watching this.

I really enjoyed this anime. To the fullest potential. I haven't been excited with an anime in a while, and this one definitely filled that void. However, if you are squeamish or you don't like your horrors realistic and supernatural, this anime won't be for you.

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ChiekoKawabe's Suzuka Tv Review


Rated: 8

In the end, Suzuka became one of my all-time favorites. Whether it is because I enjoy romance dramas too much for my own good, or because the anime was just great by itself, I just loved it anyway. The humor was there when you needed a breather moment, and the drama never became so horrible that you had to turn the TV off. It was realistic and it made me feel like I was watching classmates at school fall in love.

In the beginning, the anime starts off and shows its true intentions, however it doesn't shove them at you. It lures you in then gradually shows you what it plans to do. I would recommend this anime to any fan of shoujo.

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